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Ancient Civilizations Links (from Kings Park Elementary)

British Museum - Ancient Civilizations Resources

Census in Schools

Chicago: A Virtual Field Trip

bullet Chicago - Encylopedia of Chicago (Note User's guide)

bullet Chicago History Fair

bullet Chronicling America - History American Newspapers

bullet CNN Student News

Community Club - Community Helpers

Cultures Around the World

Election 2016 Research

Explorer Research

FreeRice - Select a Geography topic

bullet Inauguration Day 2017

bullet Indus Valley - Ancient Civilizations


Japan Study - Little Explorers

bullet Hispanic Heritage Month

History for Kids (Kidpede)

Illinois Handbook of Government

Inauguration - at Quia

bulletInteractive Social Studies Sites for Education

Maps 101

bullet Money - Who is on your money?

National Archives' Most Treasured Records

bullet Oregon Trail (requires Firefox IIGS plugin)

Our Courts - Civics Games

Presidents and Elections

Presidents Online Activities

Quiz Hub

Smentek Quia Career Website

Smentek Quia Egypt Website

Social Studies for Kids

Star Spangled Banner - Do You Know the Words?

States - 50 States Info - Washington School District, Utah

Stop Bullying .gov - Kids


United States Map

What So Proudly We Hail (Making American Citizens Through Literature)

Where in the World: Map Studies

White House

Why do people use green at special times of year?

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