Poetry On the Screen

The links on this page were taken from an article by Linda D. Labbo
called "Poetry on the Screen" (The Reading TEacher, Vol 58, No. 3; November 204).
The article is being used by the Reading First Program at our school, Stephen K. Hayt.

  1. SITE NAME: KidzPage
IT'S ABOUT: This easy to navigate site supplies lots of examples of poetry 
                         written by amateurs and professionals. Three sections link to: 
                         well-known poems organized by topics, poems written by 
                         children & adults, and poems written by children from around
                         the world.
SITE ADDRESS: http://www.veeceet.com/
  2. SITE NAME: Giggle Poetry
IT'S ABOUT:  There are poems and activities on this site that would
                          could help develop a child's sense of humor and appreciation
                          of language play. There are fill-in poems here. There is a
                          teacher section.
SITE ADDRESS: http://gigglepoetry.com
  3. SITE NAME: Children's Haiku Garden
IT'S ABOUT: At this site, you will find examples of haiku poems. The site is
                         organized by poems from various countries. Illustrations
                         accompany the poems.
SITE ADDRESS: http://www.tecnet.or.jp/~haiku/
  4. SITE NAME: Mama Lisa's House of Nursery Rhymes
IT'S ABOUT: Go here to take a nursery rhyme scavenger hunt to find treasures. 
                         There is a kid's songs and a poetry for kids section, too.
SITE ADDRESS: http://www.mamalisa.com/house/
  5. SITE NAME: Kristine O'Connel George
IT'S ABOUT: This site  designed by Kristine O'Connel George, a writer &
                         poet, contains poetry, activities and resources. In the "Poetry
                         Aloud" section, you can hear the poet read her work.
SITE ADDRESS: http://kristinegeorge.com
  6. SITE NAME: The Poetry Zone
IT'S ABOUT: Find "Classroom Resources" with with templates for creating 
                        different types of poetry. There is a printable article of
                        "How to Write Poems" (Stevens, 1977), but be sure to 
                         follow the listed copyright rules!
SITE ADDRESS: http://www.poetryzone.ndirect.co.uk/index2.htm
  7. SITE NAME: The Web Poetry Corner
IT'S ABOUT: This site is devoted to publishing students' poetry. Read student
                         poems online.
SITE ADDRESS: http://www.dreamagic.com/poetry/children.html

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