Language Arts
Tech Intro
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Acrostic (Online Activity at Read, Write, Think)

Alpha-Zoo Concentration Game

APA Research Paper Review

Between the Lions (PBS)

Building Language Literacy at Scholastic

Charlotte's Web Resources

Children's Storybooks Online

Clifford Interactive Storybooks at

Commenting On Someone's Writing

Crossword Puzzle Creator at ReadWriteThink

Fairy Tales Library

FreeRice - English Grammar / English Vocabulary


Gingerbread Man

Graphic Organizers

Grammar Blast


bulletInteractive Language Arts Sites for Education

John's ESL Community - Online Language Skills

Kiz Club - Online Stories

Language Games at Funschool

bullet Letter Generator at ReadWriteThink

bullet Little Animals Activity Centre - 3 Online Stories

Magic Key Adventures at BBC

Mighty Book

Mr. Nussbaum's Language Arts Activities

bullet Newspaper Templates in MS Word from CLEO

Notepads Online

Nursery Rhymes to Read

Nursery Rhymes to See

Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech - Wacky Web Tales Help

Persuasive Map (at Read Write Think) [requires Flash Player 7.0]

Phonics Review

Poetry - 5W Poem

bullet Poetry - Instant Poetry Forms at ETTC

Poetry on the Screen

Postcard Creator at ReadWriteThink

Printing Press at ReadWriteThink


Quotes at Brainy Quote

Rebus Rhymes - Mother Goose & More

Shape Poems at ReadWriteThink

bulletSpeakaboos - Stories and Songs

Spider Map Graphic Organizer (pdf online fill-in)

Learn to Read

It's Fun to Read

I'm Reading

Story Maker at British Council

Storyline Online - Screen Actors Guild Foundation

Story - Online Graphic Organizer (pdf)

bulletStory Starters at Scholastic

Vocabulary Can Be Fun

bullet We Give Books - Online Stories to Read

What's in the Bag? (at Read Write Think)

Word Maker Challenge (at Read Write Think)

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